Novik® less time and
costs = more success

Novik® is the one-size-fits-all tool for promotional marketing automation of your cashback, gift and registration campaigns. Connect your existing systems and start running your campaigns smoothly. Novik® makes office life easier
(and adds some fun too!).

Novik® makes campaign management easy and automates your process from claim to shipment

Your customers simply enter their gift, product or cashback claim and after a check everything is taken care of automatically. Effective, efficient and incredibly useful for marketers who want to save on time, money and FTEs!

Now you probably think: Yes, but how does Novik® do that? We would like to show you this in this infographic.

The 5 Novik® facts:

  • Cost effective – Novik® offers complete process automation by connecting with all your suppliers, from claim to shipping. Save time, money, staff… and headaches!

  • Easy peasy! – Connect your systems to Novik® and manage your campaigns on cruise control, always in control with 24/7 access!

  • Instant data – Crank out the numbers you need when and where you want with the Novik® dashboard! All your data at hand, completely GDPR-proof.

  • One size fits all! – Novik® offers many options for setting up your campaign, to match your brand, wishes, and promotions. A perfect fit! (And if you need a slightly different size, we can help you with that too!).

  • Generate success – Streamline your discount and loyalty promotions, easily adjust your campaigns and always stay in control: that’s how Novik® makes you and your customers happy!


rounded cashback campaigns


rounded gift campaigns


total cashback amount


total amount of claims


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Complicated story? No worries!

We’ve also made a cool video to explain Novik® because we really want to be sure you know what Novik® can do for you!

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How does this work out in practice?

Martijn is happy to tell you how Novik® made a difference for Bosch Power Tools by streamlining the process of marketing and cashback promotions, preventing fraud and automating claims processing.

Martijn Rief
Certified Digital Transformation Professional (CDTP) | Key Data Management Specialist