It’s not rocket science…
only a little

“Ready for an online

We at Not on Paper believe that online processes can be better and more efficient. That’s why we are launching process-oriented online projects from our very own Houston (in Eindhoven) and make sure they get to their destination. Adaptive control, that’s what real rocketeers call that it in the astronaut business. Adaptation and readjustment in your processes based on continuous feedback and data.

It's not rocket science

That’s what we do. Let us explain it to you based on the three-step process of a rocket launch, because everyone loves rockets:

  • The rocket is launched towards the moon. Make sure the aim is as precise as possible, that’s what we call the strategic control.

  • In flight, you don’t even want to think about completely flying past your target, so engage thrusters and boosters to adjust the trajectory! That’s tactical control.

  • On board, the astronaut has to be able to anticipate and respond to unexpected situations. Air vents provide that ability: operational control.

By exercising control on multiple levels, the rocket stays on course for a smooth landing on the moon surface: mission accomplished! And that’s how we approach online projects!

Ready for an
online take-off?

Now, if you replace all the rocket-related terms with words such as web applications, websites, webshops, e-mail marketing, brand portals, social media integration, service portals and promotion marketing then you’ve got it: that is what we do. We suppose it is a little bit like rocket science, isn’t it?

Ready for an online take-off? Is the answer: “yes!” - Hit that contact button!