DirectMail the all-in-one
mailing tool

Your newsletter is an effective marketing and communications tool. Using it effectively can boost your organization, which is why our client decided to switch to DirectMail: an all-in-one tool for newsletters from testing and sending to analyzing!

Three stage rocket for e-mail marketing success

DirectMail offers a complete package of possibilities to make mailing newsletters easy and effective thanks to extensive testing and analyzing methods. Let us show you how DirectMail brings you success in three steps:

1. Launch mailings in your style!

  • Use a variety of custom e-mail templates.

  • Integrate social media sharing.

  • Upload and scale images/photos with great ease.

  • Add ‘read more’ buttons where needed.

  • Conveniently re-use newsletter content from your archive.

  • Responsive newsletters, so readable on every device.

2. Ready, test, send!

  • Send test e-mails for a final check.

  • Unique feature: DirectMail optimizes and attaches the original images. This way, recipients never face red crosses or messy newsletters.

  • Easy address book maintenance with import/export function.

  • Enrich your addresses with personal discount codes.

  • Plan your send-moment.

  • Send from your own domain and address.

  • Connect DirectMail to your CRM system. Easy!

3. Analyze, optimize… and repeat!

  • Analyze results with the live data dashboard (fully GDPR-proof).

  • Review statistics on different levels and settings.

  • Compare newsletters for even more insights.

  • Use the URL-generator to enable Google Analytics campaign tracking.

  • Setup your funnels for data filtering and analysis.

  • Boost your conversion with the easy-to-use A-B test functionality!

And there is more

Apart from the live data dashboard that allows you to instantly check your results, DirectMail provides you with news, updates, manuals, tips and tricks (it even has a virtual guided tour). To sum up, it has everything you need to start winning with email marketing in one easy tool that is fully GDPR-compliant. And if you want to get even more done with your newsletters, we can provide many made-to-fit modular solutions for your system!

Auto-generated email driver

The mass mailing tool is used both internally and externally and with the API link the current second-hand offer is prepared for shipment.

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