Better promotions for
Bosch Power Tools

As the market leader in technology and service, Bosch is continuously running promotional campaigns for their broad product portfolio. That’s why the Bosch Power Tools division was looking for a solution that would make their work easier. One tool that helps them simplify the process of setting up and running marketing and cashback promotions by automating processes from service to shipping.

Let’s list the requirements, shall we?

Bosch power tools was looking to:

  • Make running their campaigns easier and efficient. – Save costs.

  • Always stay on top of their campaigns. – Instant access.

  • Automate the process and make it more manageable. – 24/7 Service.

  • Prevent any errors or fraud in handling claims. – Controllable.

  • Gather newsletter contacts and campaign data. – Enrich CRM.

  • Reduce customer contact, with a superb customer experience. – Simple and effective.

The perfect fit

You can see where this is going (it isn’t rocket science ;-))… Novik® is the perfect fit: a simple, easy-to-use tool that combines existing systems and provides structure for the processes. This means more efficient campaign management from a single application, allowing the user to handle control, service, logistics, and finances from a single cockpit. Fewer errors, a lot of time gained and customer data flowing straight into the CRM-system (all GDPR-proof obviously).

Fully in control, campaigns run smoothly and Bosch Power Tools prevents errors and saves on costs. Because existing systems (inventory and shipping) can be linked up with Novik®, all processes run smoothly and the Bosch Power Tools results speak for themselves:

  • Total savings on the first 20 campaigns: € 15.166 *

  • Total savings on the following 20 campaigns: € 40.000

  • Minus one-time start-up costs (-75% lower with Novik®).

How Novik® makes a difference, IT solutions:
Better and more fun

Not only the numbers were top, promotions also became more fun! What first seemed like a mountain of work is now an opportunity for success. From multinational to SME, Novik® is the solution for everyone who wants to make a splash with promotional marketing!

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As a market leader in technology and service, Bosch continuously works with promotional campaigns for their extensive range. The Bosch Power Tools division was therefore looking for a solution that makes everything simpler.

One tool to easily set up and manage marketing and cashback promotions and automate the processes from service to settlement. Are you also looking for a solution?

Martijn is happy to help you find a suitable solution.

Martijn Rief
Certified Digital Transformation Professional (CDTP) | Key Data Management Specialist