State-of-the-art webshop solutions for Wallstars

Wallstars sells wall art to decorate homes and offices, which can be combined with acoustic panels and are made to size. To offer customers complete visual and format freedom, a custom-built website was needed. We created this, precisely to order.

an excellent tool
for customer and shop owner

As a customer, you use the online store to pick the photo art and size of your wall decoration. As an extra option, Wallstars offers acoustic panels that can be placed behind the wall decorations. One click is enough to add these to your order. This requires a webshop that facilitates various (custom) sizing options and visualizes the selection with one click. A showstopper that makes things easier for customers as well as the people behind the screens!


An eye for solutions

We took care of the technical part of the Wallstars webshop, consistent with the responsive web design. The most important part? That would be the ordering module, which allows customers to generate the wall decoration of their heart’s desire with ease. The image is automatically scaled to size, meaning both Wallstars and the customers only have to upload an image once. This comes in handy and it saves time because the scaled image is also instantly sent to production after the order is completed.

The real work

behind the screens

Where we really make the difference is what you don’t see as a customer. When you place an order, all processes start happening. The automated webshop module generates an order to produce the image to size. If you select for an acoustic panel, that order is also out without a sound.

You can choose your own art, but if you pick work by the Wallstars photo artists, the photographer automatically receives notice so they can send an invoice for their work. Quick, automated and super easy to boot, that is the Wallstars online store.

Solving online issues,

made to size

Are you convinced things should work easier or more efficient for your webshop, website or application? Let us know what you are looking for and we’ll think of a solution, completely tailored to size.