Modular thinking for ‘the ice master’

Smeva is the expert when it comes to refrigeration technology and truly believes that quality is in the details, but also in your ability to adapt quickly. This way of thinking is reflected in Smeva’s innovative modular systems and products. Smeva felt it should also be the main focal point of their brand-new website. And that’s where we came in!

A modular website for icy solutions

Smeva is the king of refrigeration technology. This family business develops and produces state-of-the-art refrigerated counters, refrigerated display cases, cold rooms and freezer rooms for various customers at home and abroad. These systems are modular, which enables customization for various relevant retailers such as grocery stores, specialty butchers and fishmongers, but also pharmacies. Reflecting this modular concept, a modular and ‘cool’ website was needed to showcase Smeva’s unique offerings. A challenge we gladly accepted!

Ice-cold pitching on a sweltering day

Developing a modular website requires the perfect combination between strategy, content and technology. That’s why we teamed up with GI to map out the entire process to prepare ourselves for the pitch at Smeva’s headquarters. Of course, we were came prepared with a coolbox full of ice cream, as the outside temperature almost hit 30 degrees. It was definitely worth it as our hard work paid off: we won!

Together, we determined the strategy and flow of the website, focusing on the different target audiences (personas) the website has to serve. This enabled us to assure that the new website will be truly relevant in terms of its content and geared to conversion, as the modular set-up makes it all possible.


From functional wishes and design to a website with a future-proof vision

Well, this sounds great, but how do you make sure that it all comes together into a cohesive website? An excellent question for our smarty-pants team at Not on Paper:

A website is ever-evolving

Are we done after delivering a new website? Never. A website requires continuous development. We need to make sure that the website stays up to date and improvements can be made quickly, also when it concerns SEO optimizations. This means we can keep up with improved technology and maintain compliance with strict regulations, while responding to the changing preferences and expectations of the visitors.

The map to ice-cold success

To generate impact, a well-thought-out plan is indispensable, just like good partnership. That’s why we work together GI on a regular basis. Step by step, we start from strategy and tactics to define the operational phase. For the Smeva website, that’s no different. Curious about our battle plan? We love sharing it with you:


Modular thinking

is the future

Have you become enthusiastic about the power and convenience of a modular website? Or do you want to know more about our roadmap to success and what it can do for your brand?

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