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Building a platform with a mission means structure, practical and emotive design, optimal user experience, and social media integration. We’ll race you, because we love projects where all online expertise comes together.

An online hub
for the love of leather

Information and data are usually just a click or swipe away from us. Yet, it is harder than ever to determine where fact begins and opinion ends. Trust matters in the days of ‘fake news’, and that’s what One 4 Leather wants to provide: a reliable knowledge hub about leather with all information, data and insights that are now lacking or hard to find in the market. We love making that possible.

One4Leather Case Not on Paper

SEO accessibility and user experience first

Apart from an expansive, easy-to-use SEO structure, we made sure user experience comes first on the page itself. Accessibility is prioritized for the traffic visiting the page through search engines or using the excellent on-page navigation - you get to your next bit of information with ease. The design plays a major part too, as it needed to have a look and feel that exudes confidence, and matches the expectations of the target audience, in which the user experience is instrumental. Content available through the platform can be thorough and in-depth, but usability should never be too complex or challenging. You have to be able to swipe or scroll easily on each smart device. Dynamic content suggestions, in turn, make sure there’s always something more to explore. That’s great news for the target audience, which also shows results in a positive increase of session time in Google Analytics. Win-win, is what we like to call that.

To make all this a technical reality, we used a number of smart solutions for the One 4 Leather platform:

There we have it, a platform with optimal usability, easy access and effective social integration. Yet, we did not stop there. By monitoring traffic to and on the website, and tracking user behavior, we kept getting more insights:

Ask us again in a little while; we’ll likely have optimized the platform further. After all, online is never really finished!

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It’s not rocket science

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